Lyndel Joe Wishcamper has committed more than 50 years to developing affordable housing across the country.

Joe’s experience in affordable housing goes back to 1970, when he began his career in Maine. Since then, he has been a principal in over 15,000 housing units across the United States. Joe’s impact on the sector is visible in his leadership and expertise as many affordable housing developers got their start working with or for him.

In recent years, Joe has branched into solar development and is now a principal in over 30 commercial solar arrays in northern New England.

50+ Years
Working in affordable housing development
15K Units
Of Housing supported in part by Joe’s efforts

Community service has always been a big part of Joe’s life. He is a former trustee and board chair of serval organizations, including the University of main System and Maine Public Broadcasting. He has also served on the boards of several private and non-profit organizations, including several in the affordable housing industry.

Joe’s vision for the next 40 years in the affordable housing and community development sector in Southern Maine and our country is of innovations that meaningfully increase the production of affordable housing and of a consensus about ways to overcome exclusionary land policies.

People in community and in apartment windows
My vision for my communities is of functional governments characterized by civility, and a prosperous economy that provides opportunity for all and viable safety nets for those who are unable to provide for their own needs.
Lyndel Joe Wishcamper

Joe earned a bachelor’s from Yale University and a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School. Joe and his wife Carol have two grown sons and several grandchildren. Both Joe and Carol have been honored in Maine for their philanthropy.

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