Cuyahoga County Partnering for Family Success Program

Cuyahoga County launched the Partnering for Family Success Program, the first family homelessness and child welfare pay for success project in the nation. The Partnering for Family Success Program launched in early 2015, with Enterprise playing two key roles: Project Manager and Fiscal Agent.

This program aims to reduce the length of stay in out-of-home foster care placement for children whose caregivers are homeless or housing insecure. Often, a confluence of factors including substance abuse and mental illness make it difficult for these caregivers to secure stable housing that empowers them to successfully complete their case plan with the County’s child welfare system and build a safe home environment for their children. Cuyahoga Partnering for Family Success provides families with stable housing, case management, and trauma therapy services to support family connection and reunification.

Contact Claire Gauntner for more information.