Home to our Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Initiative, the Denver market focuses on preserving and producing affordable housing through our leadership and support of Mile High Connects and by managing the Denver Regional TOD Fund.

In 2011, we helped establish Mile High Connects, a partnership of private, public and nonprofit organizations to ensure the regional transit system fosters communities that offer all residents housing choices, good jobs, quality schools and essential services. Enterprise staffs the organization’s work in housing preservation, advocates for dedicated revenue for affordable housing production and researches innovative practices in capital absorption and impact investing. 

MileHigh Connects - Issues - Education, health, transit, housing and jobs

In 2010, we launched the Denver TOD Fund – a $15 million structured fund for the acquisition of station area property in Denver for the preservation and production of affordable housing. In December 2014, Enterprise expanded the fund financially and geographically to keep pace with regional demand. The $24 million Denver Regional TOD Fund is available to any lender in the seven-county metro area.

Learn more about the fund, including loan terms and project profiles, on the Denver Regional TOD Fund website.