By funding the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative (MDHI) to replicate intensive homelessness workshops for area community development corporations (CDCs), the Denver market has signaled its commitment to addressing homelessness in Metro Denver. Currently, we are working closely with the city of Denver, CDCs and service providers to create a social impact bond to attract investment for greater supportive services and housing support.

Supportive Housing Toolkits

Pathways Home Colorado sets the state’s strategy to promote regional collaboration to address homelessness. With Section 4 grant support from Enterprise, MDHI has partnered with the state to develop permanent supportive housing (PSH) toolkits for Western Slope and Front Range communities and to facilitate intensive workshops and technical assistance to help smaller providers to expand their PSH supply. Pathways Home Colorado and Metro Denver Homeless Initiative have additional information about these toolkits.

City of Denver Social Impact Bond

The Denver Social Impact Bond program is an initiative aimed at measurably improving the lives of people most in need by driving resources towards better, more effective programs. Denver’s Social Impact Bond program will use funds from lenders to provide housing and supportive case management services to at least 250 homeless individuals who frequently use the city’s emergency services, including police, jail, the courts and emergency rooms. By shifting the focus to preventive services, we can better serve this population while saving taxpayers approximately $7 million per year.

The program officially launched on February 16, 2016.