Putting Ideas into Action

Enterprise works with partners across the United States to create affordable housing that’s connected to opportunity in thriving communities. Together, we identify, pilot and scale solutions designed to end housing insecurity for low-income people. 

Our approach is innovative and comprehensive. We know that a healthy and stable home must be affordable -- as well as located in a community connected to good schools, jobs, transit and health care. 

Cross-cutting Initiatives 

  • Building Sustainable Organizations
    Enterprise brings critical guidance and innovation to communities across a range of services and expertise, partnering with cities, states and nonprofits to support comprehensive community development.
  • Design Leadership
    Bringing together leaders in affordable housing design and development, we promote a holistic and inclusive approach to creating healthy, green affordable homes and communities. 
  • Equitable Transit-Oriented Development
    Enterprise is a national leader in bringing together the housing and transportation systems to ensure that everyone lives near quality transit and other critical resources.
  • Green Communities
    Through the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, we provide a framework and resources to help create environmentally friendly affordable housing and healthy communities.
  • Health and Housing
    Enterprise is strengthening the ties between the housing and health care sectors. Together, we are finding new ways to make affordable housing a platform for residents’ health and well-being.
  • Public Sector Consulting & Technical Assistance by Enterprise Advisors
    Our team offers technical assistance, consulting and strategic support for state and local government on housing and community development issues.
  • Rural and Native American Housing
    More than 40 percent of rural households lack basics like water and electricity. Enterprise is helping communities respond to these challenges and end housing insecurity in rural America.

On the Ground in 11 Cities

We operate offices in 11 key geographic regions that deliver targeted and innovative programs on the ground. Our field offices connect local and regional partners and communities to vital capital, knowledge and policy advocacy.