Six formerly homeless individuals. 
Six lives transformed. Six powerful stories. 


Doris Ford

After Hurricane Katrina, Doris Ford had no home and no job. Now she works at the Cleveland women’s shelter that she once needed to call home.



Gary Cooper

Gary Cooper, a Marine Corps veteran, abused alcohol to escape the grisly recollections of combat. Gary now credits his recovery to supportive housing.



Guy Klien

Guy Klein became homeless in 2005. His failed relationship cost him his housing. Now in an apartment and rebuilding his life, Guy is working to find a job.



Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers turned to drugs when he lost his job. Now 41, Jim has the tools to stay balanced, and has been sober for a year.




Marilyn Penn

A halfway house burns down, and suddenly, Marilyn Penn is homeless and jobless. Today, she loves her job and is saving to buy her first home.



William Fair

William Fair was homeless and battling schizophrenia and drug addiction. Now he's college-bound and wants to be an environmentalist.