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America’s Housing Crisis

In communities across the United States, rents are rising, wages are stagnating and people, especially working families, are finding it harder to afford a decent place to call home. As a result, a record number of people are barely scraping by, living just one unforeseen event away from disaster.

On any given night, there are more than 600,000 people living on the streets or in homeless shelters. Approximately a quarter of them are children. Nearly 19 million low-income families pay more than half of their monthly income on housing, often leaving them one paycheck away from losing their homes. They are the near-homeless – the next-homeless – and many are left with impossible choices like paying rent or buying groceries.

Together, these families are the face of America’s growing housing insecurity crisis.

To have any chance at working their way out of poverty, families need to start with a safe, stable, affordable home – a home connected to opportunities for steady employment, a decent education and quality health care.

And at Enterprise, they are the families we aim to help.

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How Enterprise Is Helping

In order to deliver real and lasting impact on families and communities, Enterprise focuses its resources and efforts to:

  • Secure and deploy funds to get affordable housing built and preserved
  • Influence policies that govern the creation and conditions of affordable housing
  • Help community organizations create better neighborhoods

These interconnected strategies deliver long-term results. They provide for new affordable housing to be built and existing housing preserved, while also ensuring that the homes are well-designed, sustainable and connected to strong community resources. The strategies build capacity for the industry by strengthening community development practices and approaches to financing and creating positive changes through awareness and advocacy.

Our Programs & Initiatives

Enterprise’s programs and initiatives drive impact at both the national and market levels and in urban, rural and Native American communities.

Our national initiatives offer solutions that seek broad-reaching changes in policies and practices and deliver new resources to the community development sector through innovative financing, tools and research.

Market-focused programs work to tackle challenges facing low- and moderate-income people that are specific to regions and communities. Working with state and local governments, developers, advocates and community organizations, our programs focus on a variety of issues including lack of affordable housing, access to transportation, allocation of public resources and barriers to economic mobility and homelessness. 

This is not just a housing problem, but a broad social crisis. And we know that our whole society is better off when people have a place to call home in a community linked to good schools, jobs, transit and health care. That’s what we’re working to achieve: better, stronger communities, where everyone has the opportunity for a good life. 

We can’t do it alone. We need the help of corporations, foundations and individuals to drive the change we seek and the impact we know can be achieved with partnership and support.

Find out ways you or your organization can help.

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