Our Mission

Enterprise’s mission is to create opportunity for low- and moderate-income people through affordable housing in diverse, thriving communities.

Home: It’s a powerful symbol of America’s proverbial spirit of hard work and personal achievement. Yet for millions of people nationwide faced with housing insecurity – meaning they pay more than half their paycheck on housing or have no home at all – home is a source of stress and opportunity is out of reach.

Enterprise works with partners nationwide to build opportunity. We create and advocate for affordable homes in thriving communities linked to good schools, jobs, transit and health care. We lend funds, finance development and manage and build affordable housing, while shaping new strategies, solutions and policy.

Over more than 30 years, Enterprise has created nearly 358,000 homes, invested $23.4 billion and touched millions of lives. 

Partnership Propels Us Forward

Enterprise takes a deep, comprehensive and collaborative approach to creating and sustaining affordable housing in strong communities. Few organizations have Enterprise’s unique capacity, breadth of knowledge and experience. It’s what makes us a trusted advisor to so many.

Our talented staff bring agility and expertise in both the public and private sectors – and across a range of critical program areas and business lines, from green building to impact investing, and tax credits to transit-oriented development. 

We are guided by exemplary board members – leaders in the public, business and nonprofit sectors. In addition to our headquarters in the Mid-Atlantic, we have offices in markets nationwide, from New York to Los Angeles – as well as local, state and national partnerships throughout the country.

Individuals and businesses support our efforts by donating charitable dollars and investing in socially responsible funds and tax credits, all of which translates to real and lasting impact.

Our Story is Our Legacy


The story of Enterprise begins in 1982 when real estate developer and visionary entrepreneur Jim Rouse founded a new organization to seek out and partner with affordable housing and community development groups all over the country. He wanted to help them tap into resources, tackle challenges and share their knowledge.

In naming the organization, Jim and his wife, Enterprise co-founder Patty Rouse, thought of the spirit that had made our country great in the first place, the spirit that had carried us through the Depression and two World Wars, the same spirit that had enabled him to lift himself and his family out of poverty: the spirit of Enterprise.